7 Tips for Getting Him to Propose

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You've been waiting but he still hasn't popped the question. There is always the option of proposing to him, but you aren't ready for that yet. Instead, you can give him subtle clues that you're ready for a proposal like talking about your future or why you make a great couple. When hints aren't enough, you just need to clearly say, "I want to get married."

Is He Getting Ready to Ask?

When you are wondering how to get him to propose, you should start by looking for signs that he might be ready to pop the question. Unless he is trying to keep it a total surprise, chances are he has provided some clues. Keep watch for the following:

  • He asks questions about the future. When he is thinking about the future, it's either because he is trying to answer a compatibility question or he is trying to gauge your interest in marrying him. Either way, it means he is beginning to think about proposing.
  • He begins to act nervous. If he is really close to asking, he may not seem like his regular self. This is because proposing is more nerve-wracking than you realize.

If you're lucky, he will be unable to hide these clues from you. All you'll have to do then is wait for that special day. But what if he hasn't provided any clues? Well, then maybe you should take matters into your own hands.

How to Get Him to Propose Tips

There are several things you can do to help him propose. They include:

  • Make it very clear to him that you want to get married. Your interest in getting married may seem very obvious to you, but it may not be to him. Instead of hoping that he knows what you want, make your desires clear to him. Come right out and say, "I want to get married."
  • Don't get pushy. If you keep pushing for him to marry you, he may be turned off by your actions. Rather than bringing the topic up over and over, focus on having fun together. Reminders of why he loves you will speak louder than your words.
  • Talk together about the future. One way to discuss marriage without directly talking about it is to bring up the future. Tell him how you want a future together and then describe what you visualize it being like. Knowing your thoughts will help him to decide if he wants the same future as you.
  • Help him surprise you. He may be waiting to propose until he can surprise with the perfect ring. Before he can do that, however, he needs to know your ring size. Figure out a way to work your finger size into a conversation. Or, be even more subtle and leave one of your rings out in plain sight for him to find.
  • Talk together about what makes the two of you a great couple. Sometimes a little reminder about why the two of you are so great together is needed. Helping him to remember all the fun you have had together may ease his fears about marrying you.

If He Still Hasn't Proposed

If he still hasn't proposed after a reasonable amount of time, you may want to consider some more drastic measures, such as:

  • Set a deadline. Tell him that you will breakup with him if he hasn't proposed by a certain time. This may be very difficult to say to him, and even harder to carry out if he misses the deadline. But he needs to know you are serious.
  • Ask him why he hasn't proposed. It could be he has a very valid reason for why he hasn't proposed yet. Or, maybe the reason is because he has some reservations about you. Prepare for some possible heartbreak if you try this approach, but wouldn't you rather know?

Propose to Him

There is nothing preventing you from asking him to marry you. If you want to be his wife, then ask him to be your husband.

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7 Tips for Getting Him to Propose