6 Ways to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

How do I Get Back Together with my Ex Boyfriend?

How do I get back together with my ex-boyfriend? Life and love would be so much simpler if there was an easy answer for that question. Winning him back will not be easy, but there are things you can do to increase your chances.

Do You Really Want Him Back?

Before you try to get your boyfriend back, first decide if you really want to date him again? Don't just say that you love him. Be clear why exactly you do love him. Does he treat you well? Are you happy when you are with him? You should be able to answer questions such as these before you start plotting to get your boyfriend back.

The time right after a break up is full of heartbreak, but it also allows you to reflect on how you felt about your boyfriend and your relationship with him. Allow yourself the opportunity to grieve and process the breakup before moving forward.

How do I Get Back Together with my Ex-Boyfriend Techniques

Try some of these ideas to win back your boyfriend.

Be Available

As he reflects on the breakup, he may want to talk with you about it. He may also want someone to talk with about other matters. Even if it feels awkward at first, be available to talk with him and do things together. He will have had time to see what life without you as his girlfriend is like after the breakup. He may now want to experience having you in his life to help him decide how he really feels.

Let Him Pursue You

While you need to be available, don't go overboard by always contacting him. You'll come across as being desperate. Even if you are desperate, it will turn him off. You have history now, but still, getting back together is very similar to flirting and the early dating stage. If he really does want to be your boyfriend again, give him the opportunity to pursue you once more.

Appear Desirable

You don't need to go out and buy a new wardrobe to get him back. Nevertheless, you are unlikely to attract him if you let your appearance go. It is more than just clothes as well. If you are sad or depressed, it will show up in your facial expressions and attitude. You may be sad now, but confidently look forward to the day when either your ex-boyfriend or a new man in your life will see the things that make you desirable and special.

Do Something for Yourself

After a breakup is a good time to do something you enjoy. Take a class, read a book or watch a movie. Choose what you want. You'll feel better about yourself and will begin to enjoy life again. This will show through to the people around you, including your ex-boyfriend.

Have Fun Together

Once you have the opportunity to hang out together again, don't spoil it by dwelling on the negative past. Go out and have fun together. Treat it like a first date. You need to remind him why you started dating in the first place.

Be Yourself

After a breakup, it is common to think that you are not the kind of person he wanted to date. Then, when you are thinking, how do I get back together with my ex-boyfriend, you decide to change. Don't go down this route. Assuming you let him know the real you, he was at one time attracted to your personality. If you try to change, you may discover he is not attracted to the new you. In addition, even if the new, fake you, attracts him, it will not be a genuine attraction because of your façade. You are better off finding a new boyfriend who likes you for who you are rather than changing yourself to get your old boyfriend back.

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6 Ways to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back