How to Send Hot Romantic Greeting Cards

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Many people don't think about sending their loved one hot romantic greeting cards. When people send a greeting, they usually choose a comical or a sentimental one. However, once you get past the embarrassment, sending a sensuous card can do a lot for your relationship. Get the ins and outs for how to send hot romantic greeting cards.

Why Send Hot Romantic Greeting Cards

After being in a relationship for many years, you may not have the same level of passion as you did when the relationship was new. This is common. However, you may still long for those sweet loving moments you once shared with your loved one. The good news is you can regain passion in your relationship.

Hot romantic greeting cards are just right for getting your loved one in the mood. The message is romantic but sexual and the pictures imply wild times are ahead. Receiving this type of greeting can create mental images and bring back fantasies long forgotten. These images come to life when you are both intimate again.

Dealing with Embarrassment

Some people may feel embarrassed when sending a sexually explicit greeting. They worry someone else will see it or their loved one will think they are weird. If these are the reasons why you won't send one, you might want to reconsider. If you give the card to your loved one and you trust him or her, you won't have to worry about someone else seeing it. Chances are he or she is not going to show it off. Furthermore, who cares if someone else sees it, that person may be a bit jealous that you and your significant other still have the romance that so many other couples desire. If you fear that your significant other will think negatively of you, you may just be telling yourself that because you are trying to give yourself a reason not to send one. Most people in romantic relationships would love a card that gets them excited about what to expect later that day.

When Not to Send a Sensuous Greeting

Even though giving your sweetheart a sensuous card is a good idea, there are times when you should wait.

  • If you just started a relationship, you might want to wait until you've had a chance to get know the person well. You don't want to give the person the wrong impression. You might have already been intimate with your new love interest but sending this type of card may be pushing it.
  • Don't send one when your loved one is going through a tough time. When someone is stressed, it may seem like a good idea to try to relax him or her with intimacy but often times, the person can't even think about that because he or she is so consumed with the stressful event taking place. A sentimental card and good listening skills are more appropriate during this time.
  • You also don't want to send one to pacify a disagreement. Your significant other is most likely still upset and wants to settle the argument before even thinking about becoming intimate with you. You could make the person more upset with you if you try to initiate sexual relations before getting other things in your relationship worked out.

When to Send a Hot Romantic Card

You can usually send one whenever you want to romance your sweetheart but here are some of the best times.

  • When you are in a long distance relationship, you don't have much opportunity to become physically sexual with one another. Sending a sensuous greeting can keep your relationship alive by releasing a bit of the tension you may be feeling.
  • You can give your sweetheart one after an intimate night to let the person know how much you enjoyed it.
  • Send one of these when your relationship lacks excitement and you want to spice it up.
  • Your anniversary is a great time for one because it can set up a romantic evening.
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