6 Gifts for a New Boyfriend

Exchanging gifts

It can be hard to decide on gifts for a new boyfriend. The beginning of a relationship is all about first impressions, and you don't want to make the wrong one. If you go for a super romantic gift, it might scare him away, but if you put little thought into the gift he could take it as a statement that you're not interested.

Thankfully, there is a way to strike a balance between the two. Buy your boyfriend something catered to him so that he knows you put thought into it but is not over the top mushy.

Budget for Gifts for a New Boyfriend

When your relationship is new, it is not the time to splurge and buy your boyfriend an expensive watch, a pair of $200 athletic shoes, a vacation or anything else extravagant. It's best to reserve those gifts for when you two have been together for a while. Giving a pricey gift early on can backfire since your boyfriend will feel he has to give you something equally pricey in return. This can put a lot of pressure on him. Keep your budget reasonable; say, no more than you would spend on a lunch date.

Gift Suggestions

The gift you should buy depends on your boyfriend's taste. Take a moment to consider what he likes and dislikes. It can help to think back to conversations you've had on your dates. Perhaps he mentioned he was dying to see a particular band or he likes a specific color of t-shirt.

Event Tickets

Tickets to pretty much anything are a good idea. Not only will you show your boyfriend that you know what movies, sports, music, etc., he enjoys, but it's a perfect opportunity for him to ask you to join him. Try to get tickets for a date that is no more than one month away.


If you already went to a concert together, consider getting a t-shirt that features the band you went to see. Other articles of clothing you can get your boyfriend include hats, jackets, and inexpensive jewelry, such as a sterling silver ring.

Board Games

This is another gift that can turn into a fun date, if you pick the right game. Try to find one that is two players if you want to enjoy it just the two of you. Alternatively, get a party game if you'd like to introduce your boyfriend to your friends or plan on attending a social event.


A book is a nice gift if your boyfriend likes to read. It can also be very meaningful. You don't have to get him a poetry book. Get him something he is likely to read, and he'll think of you while he does so. Better yet, get a book the two of you can read together.


At this stage, you shouldn't be buying your boyfriend a flat screen TV, but you can pick up a CD, DVD or video game. Or, you can download some of your favorite songs from a media sharing site and make your own mix to give to your boyfriend.

Gift Cards

If you really can't think of what to get on an important day, such as his birthday, buy him a gift card to one of his favorite stores. This shows that you put some thought into what to buy but you want to be sure that he is pleased with his present.

More Ideas

If you need additional ideas on gifts for a new boyfriend, the following websites can help you:

When you give your boyfriend his gift, do not be upset if you don't get one in return unless you've agreed to both exchange gifts ahead of time. His thanks should be good enough, and chances are he will reciprocate the thoughtfulness in the future.

6 Gifts for a New Boyfriend