Simple Truths About Gay Phone Dating

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Gay phone dating is a new way of meeting other gay men online-or on your phone. Bypassing the sometimes slow process of reading profiles and sending e-mails, gay phone dating allows you to skip immediately to more meaningful communication. Discover quickly if there is any chemistry, and then setup a date to continue the conversation in person.

What Is Gay Phone Dating?

Gay phone dating is basically a service to find and talk with gay men. The service will either be a traditional dating website that offers phone features or it can be a specially designed service for your cell phone.

Advantages to Phone Dating

One of the best things about phone dating is that you can quickly talk with someone without needing to give out your phone number. Normally with online dating, you first have to go through the process of contacting someone through the website, waiting for a reply, and then going back and forth in e-mails. After that long process, you are then finally able to talk on the phone-if you don't mind giving out your phone number. Gay phone dating allows you to go directly to talking on the phone without all of this hassle.

With cell phone dating concept, you could conceivably setup a date after arriving at a club, bar or other location. The idea works as such: go to the popular night spot, check it out a bit to see if there is someone you're interested in. If you don't find someone, get on your phone and setup a new arrival as your date. You wouldn't have to go club hopping in order to find someone, as instead, he'll come to you.

Disadvantages to Phone Dating

There is a reason that online services have you go through a process of chatting online first, so that you can get to know someone before meeting. By viewing a guy's profile and then sending some e-mails, you will be more prepared to talk on the phone since he is no longer a total stranger. It also helps you to notice possible inconsistencies in his story, such as mentioning he's a lawyer in his profile and then finding out over the phone he's really a paralegal.

Gay Phone Dating Websites

There are various websites available that offer gay phone dating. Some sites offer phone dating for straight and lesbian users, with gay being one of the options available. Here are three websites to get started with:

  • Interactive Male. You can connect directly to other gay men over the phone and use voice personals as well. There is a free trial available.
  • ManD8. If you become a member, you will receive a private number from ManD8 that you can give out instead of your real phone number. This works with your cell phone and land line.
  • Webdate Mobile. This website is not exclusively for gay men, but you can find gay men to talk with. No computer is needed once you are signed up. You can even view profiles of members' right on your cell.

New Age Dating

Try adding gay phone dating to your overall dating strategy to increase your chances of meeting someone.

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Simple Truths About Gay Phone Dating