4 Free Printable Love Cards

Love Cards to Print for Free

Download one - or more - of these free printable love cards to give to your sweetie. They're sure to bring a smile to his or her face and help reinforce how much you care. Whether given in honor of a special occasion or for no special reason at all, saying "I love you" with a card can be a wonderful way to enhance any romance.

Four Printable Cards

There are four downloadable, printable "I Love You" cards here, all with one simple theme: LOVE. The cards are free for you to print and share with that "special someone" in your life. If you need help downloading the printable cards, check out these helpful tips.

Hurry Back Card

Print this card if you and your sweetie have had to endure some time apart. It will show how much you've missed him or her and how you can't wait for him or her to come back. The card reads, "As you read this, love, the thought of you is filing my mind, my heart, and my soul with the joy of us. Hurry back to me darling."

Hurry Back Love Card
Hurry back love card

Busy Lives Card

Life can get in the way of romance sometimes. Tell your sweetie how much his or her love means to you even if you've been too busy to show it. This is a great example of a "just because" card. It says, "Life can be busy, hectic, stressful, and sometimes hard. So this is just a note to let you know how easy it is to love you, my darling."

Busy Lives Love Card
Busy lives love card

Bursting With Love Card

This card will tell your sweetie the intensity of your love for him or her. Use it to take your relationship to the next level by telling your love how you truly feel. The card reads, "For you, love...Like sunshine on flowers, like light flashing on jewels, like thunder and lighting, filling the hot summer sky, my heart bursts with love for you."

Bursting With Love Card
Bursting with love card

Intense Feelings Card

The physical connection you have with your sweetie is intense, let him or know with this card! The card says, "Want you, miss you, hold you, kiss you, love you."

Intense Feelings Love Card
Intense feelings love card

Printing Instructions

Get one or all of these free printable romantic greeting cards and send your sweetie a love note with a few simple steps:

  1. To print a card, simply click the image of your choice. When you do, the printable document will open as a PDF file in your browser.
  2. Place 8 1/2" X 11" paper in your printer. White paper will work perfectly, though you may want to use a pastel shade.
  3. Once the document is open, press Ctrl+P to print if you are using a PC or Command+P to print if you are using a Mac. You can also click on the printer icon.
  4. Fold the page in half along the longest edge then in half again down the new longer edge. The upper left quadrant of the printout becomes the front cover of the card.
  5. Make sure you add in some kind of extra message. There is plenty of white space on the cards to allow you to personalize the card with your name and a special note.

Messages of Love

It's up to you to decide how to get the card you choose into the hands of your loved one. You could leave the card in your sweetie's suitcase before a trip, so that he or she finds the happy message when unpacking. Or, you may want to slip the card into your honey's pocket on the way to work or leave it behind on the dresser where he or she will see it first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. Wherever you leave it, you'll be strengthening the loving connection between you and the one you love.

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4 Free Printable Love Cards