8 Places to Find Free Online Romance Novels

Marcelina Hardy, MSEd, BCC
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Plenty of free online romance novels are available for you to enjoy right now. There's no need to spend a fortune at the bookstore, you can curl up on your couch with your laptop and satisfy your romance craving without spending a dime. Find out which websites offer these types of novels free.

How eBooks Help You Improve Your Relationship

If you are feeling down about your relationship because it lacks the passion it once had, don't worry, romance novels can help bring back that romantic spark. When you read one of these books, you will probably identify with one or more of the characters. You begin to feel what the characters do and these feelings then transfer to your relationship. You may even pick up some good ideas on what you can do to make your relationship hotter than it has been lately.

Helps Singles Too

Romance novels are not only for people in relationships. If you are single right now, they can help you get through the lull in your romantic life.

Finding Free Online Romance Novels

When you search for free online romance novels, you will find you can choose to download one, read it off the website, or read a couple of chapters every few days as the site uploads them. The following websites provide you with a variety of different methods for you to start enjoying romance novels on the Internet.

This website has over 250 full length ebooks, most of which are romance novels. The entire book can be read online free. New books are added weekly.

This website is easy to use and has six full length ebooks and five short stories for you to read free. It also has a large collection of first chapter reads so you can decide if you like it before you buy.

Author Joan Reeves has her book, Moonlight on Snow: A Love Story available on this website.

On this site, you can read new chapters to a romance story every two to four days.

Find 37 romance novels here with many others in different categories such as Science Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Humorous, Fantasy, Christian, Adventure, Bizarre, and General.

Check out this blog post with thirteen links to romance ebooks.

This website has many to choose from including ebooks in other categories that you might be interested in reading. You need to download the novels to read them.

Go to this site for 160 free novels to download. Some of these are in a format for your PDA, which means you can take it with you wherever you go to enjoy on the commute to work or traveling.

Are eBooks As Good as Regular Books?

Many readers choose not to search the Internet for reading material because they think that amateurs are the only ones that are willing to give away their books free. This is not true; many well established authors place their books on the Internet to attract new readers to their writing. If you give online ebooks a chance, you will find that even less well known authors have the ability to become best sellers someday. These authors are trying to make a break into the industry and you are the lucky one that gets to enjoy a good story without paying for it.

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8 Places to Find Free Online Romance Novels