6 Free Lesbian Story Sites

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Free lesbian story sites allow you to read erotic and nonerotic stories by amateur writers. There are stories to suit everyone's preferences, and in most cases, you don't have to give up any of your own information in order to access them. Read about first encounters, threesomes, college stories, adult friends who finally decide to try taking their relationship to another level, and more.

List of Free Lesbian Story Sites

There are many free story sites on the web. Look for a lesbian short story or something a little longer. Choose from sites like:

Nifty Erotic Stories

Nifty has an extensive archive of lesbian writing. The lesbian stories at Nifty are organized by an extensive category list. Some Nifty lesbian stories of your choice include:

  • Adult Friends - These are stories of relationships that started off as friends.
  • Athletics - Read these for stories involving athletic lovers, or stories that take place in gyms and other athletic venues.
  • Celebrity - Visit this area for fantasy stories involving celebrities.
  • College - This section has stories involving college students and sorority members.
  • Romance - Lesbian romantic stories are written like romance novels in short story format.

The stories are archived by date, and only the story title is listed. One of the great things about this site is that the name and email address of the author is available for each story. If you enjoy the long or short lesbian stories, you can send a comment to the author, and ask if she has written more. Nifty also has stories involving individuals who identify as bisexual and gay.

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My Secret Obsession

My Secret Obsession has lesbian stories of the true confession variety. You'll be able to find full lesbian short stories, as well as excerpts from longer works. This isn't the easiest site to navigate, but there is a lot to read there. On this site you can find stories about:

  • Lesbian Sex Ed - These stories are about sexual exploration and connection.
  • Secretly Bound - This section features thriller erotica stories.
  • Relationships - This section features stories and information about sexuality, sexual orientation, and love.

This site also has a chat section where you can join a lesbian chat room for free and connect with others. They also feature a blog and podcast page where you can select from topics such as love, politics, life, and sex. The writers are also available to reach out to if you have any questions or comments.

Mels Webs

Mels Webs is a site where amateur writers can post their lesbian fiction and nonfiction stories online to the forum. Though there are all types of categories listed, one major one is called Erotic Lesbian Stories. It has two subcategories: Lesbian Love Stories and Emotional Love Stories. Lesbian Love Stories has nearly 400 threads alone. Because it's a forum, you can leave feedback on the stories as you wish. Other story categories include:

  • Spiritual Intervention - This nonfiction section features stories about those who have had spiritual moments in their life.
  • Murder Mystery - This forum is for those who want to post or read thrilling stories.
  • Fantasy Fiction - This section is for those who are interested in reading fantasy based tales.

This site is easy to navigate and has a search button to help you find what you are looking for. If you are also interested in poetry, there is a poetry board to check out as well.


Literotica has quite a few lesbian stories for your enjoyment. If you're overwhelmed by the number of choices, you can click on the story spinner found at the top of the page to have the site choose a random read for you. There's everything from threesomes to first encounters. On this site you can also find stories about:

  • Erotic Horror - These stories focus on thrilling and sexy tales.
  • Chain Stories - These stories are written by several Literotica writers who have decided to collaborate.
  • First Times - This section covers fiction and nonfiction based stories about first times in general.
  • Romance - This section is for those interested in love, relationships, and the drama that can go along with it.

This site is easy to navigate and can be searched by date, author, top stories, and new submissions. You can also chat with the authors, submit your own story, and join a forum. You can also listen to the stories via their audio section.

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A Late Life Lesbian Story

A Late Life Lesbian Story is a website that shares many true stories about individuals who identify as lesbian. This site features mostly emotional and romantic based stories that have been submitted to the blog writer and compiled into categories. The story topics include:

  • Coming Out to Your Straight Partner or Spouse - This section focuses on true stories about what it was like to come out to a partner or loved one.
  • Staying with Your Husband or Partner - These stories explore what it was like for those who identify as a lesbian to realize their sexuality and choose to stay with their straight partner.
  • Coming Out to Kids - These stories look at what it was like for some mothers emotionally to come out to their children.
  • Coming Out at Work - This section looks at what it was like for some women to come out in the workplace and how that impacted their lives.
  • Making the Realization - This section focuses on exploring sexuality.

This site is easy to navigate and lists categories on their home page. The categories can be read individually or in series form. This site also offers a contact page if you'd like to get in touch, as well as an easy way to connect to their Facebook support page.

Lush Stories

Lush Stories is a short story forum where writers can post fiction or nonfiction stories about women who are interested in other women. Categories are organized alphabetically, and the site is very easy to navigate and search. Short story categories include:

  • Fantasy and Sci-fi - These stories explore creative fictional tales.
  • First Times - These short stories describe someone's experience during their first same-sex sexual encounter.
  • Seduction - These stories focus on sexy experiences and love.

This site is easy to navigate, allows the reader to submit their own short story and comment on other authors' pieces. Readers can vote for their favorite pieces, and see a word count before choosing to read something. This site also runs competitions to give their readers a voice when it comes to selecting their favorite types of stories.

Reading Lesbian Erotica Online

Reading erotic or nonerotic lesbian stories is a way to discover new interests or explore a fantasy. If you find a writer whose work you enjoy on one of the sites, a quick search for their name in a search engine may yield more stories on other sites. This is especially helpful because many of the story sites don't update regularly. No matter what your preferences are when it comes to free lesbian stories, you can find several examples of lesbian stories short or long online. If you'd like to find other resources, check out the websites and chat rooms designed for individuals who identify as lesbians, too.

6 Free Lesbian Story Sites