Four Types of Communication You Need to Master

Communication comes in all shapes

You have four types of communication to utilize in nurturing your relations with others, particularly your significant other. When it comes to communicating with someone you love or who loves you, taking advantage of all your communication options is the way to go.

Advantages of Four Types of Communication

Communication is vital to human relations. Communication is used to relay thoughts, feelings, information, news and even surprises. Without communication, very little would be accomplished. Humans communicate in a variety of ways verbally and nonverbally. In the modern age of Internet relationships, the written and visual forms of communicating have became more important types of communication.

Basic communication involves words, body language, eye contact and in many cases physical contact. The first three are self-explanatory, but physical contact refers to putting your hand on someone's arm while talking to the person or holding hands or in some way bringing your body in contact with him/her. Evidence suggests that physical contact increases a sense of intimacy between the two parties having the conversation whether it is romantic, familial or simply fraternal in nature.

Verbal Communication

The key to verbal communication is the use of words, language and sounds, most often in the spoken format. This type of communication includes sign language as it involves the communication of verbal ideas even though it uses hand gestures. Language is one of the earliest social skills developed by individuals. Infants are taught words and respond to phrase and tone of voice. Effective interpersonal communication requires verbal interaction to express likes, dislikes, successes and problems. When you are fluent in communicating your thoughts and feelings verbally, you build relationship success.

Non-Verbal Communication

While verbal communication relies on your hearing, non-verbal communication uses all your other senses. Despite living in a world of perfume and cologne, the human sense of smell is important in identifying distinctive changes in body odor from desire to sweat to illnesses. Other non-verbal senses include seeing changes in facial expression and becoming aware of physiological changes such as increased heart rate or panting through physical contact. The majority of human communication takes place in the non-verbal arena.

For example, when a person fold his/her arms and leans away from another person while declaring how much he or she loves someone, the person is communicating only half the truth. He or she may love the person, but his/her body language indicates anger and resistance. Couples who share frequent touches, long looks and lean in towards each other while talking, suggest a successful and invested relationship. Getting to know a person's body language and cues can help you avoid troubled areas of conversation and relationship pitfalls.

Written Communication

During your education, you relied on the written word to turn in assignments. In your career, you rely on the written word for official communications. In your relationships, the written word can also have a profound effect as a conversational and communication tool. Text messages, instant messages, emails and even the old-fashioned hand written note are vital to the health of your relationship. Add social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and your written words can carry a lot of weight with the person you are interested in or dating.The key to written communication is that you cannot take back the printed word and cannot deliver it with emotional context or facial expression. When writing notes, no matter whether you intend it to be public or private, your words can have a profound effect so you must always choose them carefully.

Visual communication

The fourth and final type of communication is visual. Visual communication may not be one you think of commonly, but modern online lives are populated with visual communication from television shows to recorded messages via webcam and more. Symbols, visual topography, photographs, designs and even music videos can all be visually communicated to someone else.Consider for a moment that sending videos of weddings, happily ever after or reception dances to your partner may communicate a desire for a proposal more strongly than bringing it up verbally. Another visual communication is simply leaving a magazine or catalog open to engagement rings for your partner to see.

Mastering Communication

All four types of communication are ruled by culture, upbringing and expectation. It is important to recognize that even body language can be misconstrued when two people have culturally dissimilar backgrounds. Every person is also unique and possesses quirks to their communication style in all areas that may take you time to adapt to. Mastering these different forms of communication can enhance any relationship, romantic or otherwise.

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Four Types of Communication You Need to Master