5 Flirty Lines to Say to Men

Make a great first impression with these flirt lines
Flirting tips for Women to Use on Men

Are you trying to come up with some clever flirt lines to say to men? It's easier than you think. Your best bet, though, may be to concentrate more on the "flirt" and less on the "lines."

5 Surefire Flirt Lines to Use With Men

"Surefire" might be stretching it a little, but the fact is that even if they're not available, most men appreciate the attention that comes with a flirtation. In some ways, women have the advantage over men in this area as well, because the common understanding is that the man makes the first move. This means that even if your pick-up line is atrocious, it's ok, because you aren't expected to be good at it.

It still doesn't make it any easier to come up with the icebreaker. However, there are five categories that you can choose from to make the entire process easier.

  1. Compliment his appearance. Pick out some aspect of his clothing that appeals to you. It could be a jacket, shoes, a tie, even just a baseball cap. Then comment on it: "That's a nice baseball cap. Are you into sports?" You can even use it to make it clear that you're single: "The cut of that blazer is great! My ex-boyfriend never appreciated the finer details." It's complimentary, and gives the man a chance to either start a conversation or at the very least thank you for the compliment.
  2. Leverage the event. Whatever event you are both attending where you use the pickup line can be the doorway to a conversation. Just saying "Nice event!" isn't going to make him realize that you're flirting, though. To make it more suggestive, imply that his presence is what is really making your day. If it's a fun event, you can say "I can't figure out if this is a great time, or if I'm just enjoying the fact that you're here!" On the other hand, if it's a boring meeting, try passing a note saying, "This would be totally unbearable if I didn't have you here to think about." He will almost instantly start to wonder what you're thinking, and therein lies a conversation.
  3. State your intentions. Flirting is a game of sorts, and you can literally "make a move" with your first line. For example, there's a classic line that begins with you saying "No. Yes. Maybe. Okay." He'll probably wonder what you mean, and you explain: "No, I don't usually do this. Yes, I think you're hot. Maybe we can go somewhere and talk about it. Okay, if you insist, we can go now." You can be as suggestive as you like, but keep in mind that when flirting, less is often more. Some men are intimidated or turned off by aggressive sexuality, so only use it if that is really your personality. Faking it to try to impress someone is likely to backfire.
  4. Ask direct questions. On the other hand, many men find direct and forthright statements very refreshing in a dating scene that is often confusing. Simply walk up to a man and say "I've been trying to figure out how to tell you that I find you fascinating. I can't think of a thing. Any ideas?" That kind of honesty is always a good way to begin a relationship, because instead of being a line or a lure it is authentic attraction. This leads to the most powerful tool in flirting: you.
  5. Be yourself. "Try just saying hi," says Miss Behavin, producer and performer for the burlesque group Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies. Their performances are all about the art of the flirt, and she is no stranger to piquing men's interest. "The fact is, if a boy's interested in you, you can say just about anything and it'll work."

You can find all kinds of lists on the Internet, but the problem is that once you use them, they're no longer original. The most powerful flirt lines to say to men have nothing to do with being clever or smooth. They simply have to do with being your genuine self, and letting the natural attraction work its magic.

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5 Flirty Lines to Say to Men