Tips on Buying Discount Valentine's Day Flowers

Woman receiving flowers for Valentine's Day

Discount Valentine's Day flowers let you show your love and appreciation for a fraction of the cost. After all, they do say money can't buy love.

Discount Valentine's Day Flowers Online

Several online flower sites offer opportunities to save money on your next bouquet:

  • FTD prominently displays sale offers on the site's main page. Visitors can also find discounted flowers by using the price menu.
  • Teleflora doesn't typically offer specific flower arrangements at a discount, but smart shoppers can go online to search for special sales and coupon codes.
  • ProFlowers features a special discount flowers page, with some arrangements available for five or ten dollars less than their list price and others included because of their overall value. The page also includes some non-flower gift items if you'd like to add some variety to your Valentine's Day delivery.
  • allows users to search by price to stay within a budget, and also offers a sales page. The site sells candy and other gifts, and these products may be discounted along with the floral arrangements. Buyers can sort any search results from lowest to highest price to ensure the best deal possible.
  • features sale offers on the site's main page. Look for holiday specials, and sign up for email notification of future promotions.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Find a Local Provider

For long distance relationships, one trick to finding discount Valentine's Day flowers is to learn the phone number of your loved one's local flower shop. You can look one up in the phone book while you're visiting, or turn to an online directory like By calling the florist directly to place your order, you will avoid the wiring fees associated with most flowers sent from afar. Why pay FTD ten or fifteen dollars to send an order to that same shop when you can do it yourself? However, you will need to have a clear idea of the flowers you would like to order because you won't be able to look at products in-store. You will also need a credit card to order over the phone.

Look Beyond the Florist

Many groceries and superstores house a small floral shop, or at the very least stock an assortment of bouquets as Valentine's Day approaches. As an added bonus, you can pick up a box of chocolates or the makings of a great Valentine's Day gift basket while you're there.

Look for Coupons and Sales

Search the paper in late January and early February for discount coupons and sale offers from local florists. National magazines and newspaper supplements may also contain coupon savings and special offers from FTD, 1-800-Flowers, and other nationwide services.

Skip the Delivery

If your florist charges an additional fee for delivery, pick up the flowers yourself. Then carefully plan your presentation to add extra romance to your gift. Perhaps you can bring them to your girlfriend's office for a surprise lunch date or place a vase of flowers on her nightstand as you offer her breakfast in bed.

Think Unconventional

Of course, a dozen long-stemmed roses are a traditional Valentine's Day gift, but you will also pay a premium for that tradition in February. Be both original and budget-conscious by sending an array of tulips, daisies, or a favorite flower. Surprise her with roses on her birthday or another special occasion when prices are more reasonable.

Tips on Buying Discount Valentine's Day Flowers