12 Crucial Dating and Relationship Tips

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For many people, the world of dating is one of mystery, frustration, and anxiety, but with these common sense dating tips it is easy to keep your head and enjoy building new relationships. Just be honest with yourself and the person you're dating, focus on good communication, and have fun. Spend time together alone and get to know each other well, but take your time and try not to take things too seriously too soon.

Dating Tips for Serious Relationships

If you are interested in developing a serious relationship that may lead to a long-term commitment, you need to approach each date as an investment in that commitment. While one bad date may not subvert a dedicated couple, a series of poor choices can lead to animosity, suspicion, and distrust - characteristics that will not build anything in a relationship but a case for ending it. These dating tips are designed to help couples create a stable, comfortable, and strong relationship from the very first date.

  • Be honest about each date. If you do not enjoy a particular activity, make sure your partner understands why. If it is one of his favorite pastimes, you will need to look for other activities to enjoy together without depriving him of the unique things he likes to do.
  • Be honest about yourself. Always dress, speak, and behave like yourself. If you are interested in being more than just a friend, it is best that your partner understand who you are and not make mistaken assumptions about your character that will need to be corrected later.
  • Express your intentions clearly. While you may be interested in a long-term relationship, it is possible your date only wants a casual friend. If you are clear about what you hope the relationship will become, both parties can adjust to the idea or seek company elsewhere if it will not work out.
  • Enjoy some private dates. For a couple beginning a lengthy relationship, private dates away from public view are necessary to get a feel for one another's true behavior and preferences. A quiet evening watching movies at home, a long walk in a local park, or even shared chores such as grocery shopping, laundry, or home maintenance can give you a feel for how your private life might be together.
  • Discuss problems immediately rather than avoiding them. Many people feel that problems may go away if they are ignored, and while that may be true for casual relationships, a serious couple needs to work out diverse issues before their relationship can advance. Financial planning, family expectations, and career paths are all potentially conflicting themes that should be addressed.
  • Take the time to enjoy the dating. While the ultimate goal may be marriage, couples should enjoy the freedom to date and explore one another in that less stressful manner without rushing to the altar or speed dating. If the relationship is truly meant to be, the extra time spent getting to know one another will be well worth it.
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Dating Tips for Casual Relationships

First of all, a casual relationship should still follow the tips for serious relationships, because the inherent honesty and forthrightness will benefit any couple, whether they're new friends, a long-term dating couple, or even newlyweds. Casual relationships, however, can benefit from some additional dating tips:

  • Don't take the relationship too seriously. If one person expresses frustration or anger at another's reluctance to participate in a certain activity or curtail their other time commitments, it will tarnish the casual relationship with a feeling of exclusivity and possessiveness that neither party wants.
  • Experiment with new activities. A casual date is the perfect opportunity to explore new opportunities that you may be nervous about trying alone. Perhaps your companion has more experience or unique ideas - this is the time to try them out without a long-term commitment.
  • Carefully define what "friends" means. For one person, a casual date may mean something completely different than it does to their date. By defining what you are and are not willing to do in the relationship, you develop a strong bond with mutual respect and trust.

When the Date Goes Wrong

Despite your best precautions, sometimes a date goes horribly wrong. In that circumstance, there are certain dating tips that can help salvage the event as well as the relationship.

  • Admit failure right away rather than playing along. If the activity isn't what you anticipated or you feel like you're incompatible, be forthright about admitting defeat. Stringing someone along will only lead to resentment and deeper hurt feelings than being honest at the outset.
  • Don't be afraid to alter plans. A traffic jam, unexpected illness, or other emergency event can easily derail date plans, but that doesn't mean the date has to end prematurely. Be flexible and open to change to help keep the relationship stable even when the date is topsy-turvy.
  • Expect the unexpected. By being prepared for different eventualities. You can easily salvage a poor date. For example, if one movie is sold out, know which other movie or event you might want to attend. If the date itself leads to an unpleasant altercation, be prepared with cab fare or another way to leave if necessary.

Preparation - Honesty - Flexibility

Dating is not for the faint of heart, but by following common sense dating tips and advice based on the type of relationship you are pursuing, you can easily create a smooth and pleasant path for your relationship to follow. Preparation, honesty, and flexibility are the keys to a successful date no matter what the circumstances.

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12 Crucial Dating and Relationship Tips