How to Use Dating Psychics

Dating Psychic

Have you ever considered asking the advice of dating psychics? Would you be willing to pay to know if your new relationship is destined to fail or succeed? Enlisting the services of dating psychics could be entertaining-even enlightening-but there are things to be wary of. Learn how dating psychics work, what questions to ask and if this is right for you.

Reasons to Use Dating Psychics

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a dating psychic. Some of the reasons include:

  • Wanting to know if a relationship will work before becoming emotionally involved.
  • To find out if you and your current partner will get married.
  • Seeking advice after getting engaged.
  • To learn where or when you will meet your next love.
  • To discover if your partner is hiding any secrets.
  • To determine how your current partner really feels about you.

How Dating Psychics Work

The psychic will need to have a consultation with you. Often this is done over the phone or in-person, but it can sometimes be done through e-mail instead. The psychic will then use their talents to find the answers you are looking for. Some psychics will use tarot cards and will interpret the results for you, while others will look into the "stream of consciousness," so to speak, for the answer.

Make sure you know which method the psychic will use, especially if you are more comfortable with the results of one method over another.

Question to Ask Yourself

If you seek the advice of a psychic, you should think through how your reaction will be to the information. Whether you are told good news or bad, you will have to consider your actions after the consultation. Some questions to ask include:

  • Will you believe the psychic?
  • Will you break-up with your partner if you are told the relationship won't end well?
  • Will you tell your lover that you consulted with a psychic?
  • Will you stop working at your relationship if the psychic says you are destined to become married?
  • Can you act surprised when what you were told comes true?
  • Will you be crushed if the psychic is wrong?

What to Ask the Psychic

Before paying for psychic services, you should ask the psychic a few questions, such as:

  • How long has he or she been a psychic?
  • What kind of psychic is he or her?
  • Do they know their accuracy rate?

You should also ask what the psychic believes about destiny versus the ability to change the future based on our choices. If the psychic says that the reading is based on the present and is subject to change, don't assume this is a disclaimer for the psychic being wrong. What it means is that he or she believes in the free will of all humans to control their destiny.

Psychic Websites

  • Love Psychic. This website is the spiritual astrology services offered by Kim Allen, who appears on many radio programs across the country. For more information, see this article about the Love Psychic.
  • Whispy. Browse through the list of available psychics who are online and ready to offer their services. Click on the name of each person for more information.

Psychic Dating Advise

A dating psychic may be able to help you see into the future, but remember that knowing what will happen is not the same as knowing what has happened.

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