Tips for Creating Cute Nicknames for Boyfriends

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Cute nicknames for boyfriends can be a lot of fun, but be careful you don't choose a too cutesy nickname that embarrasses your guy. Think about his personality, physical traits or your special memories together to come up with a unique and personal nickname.

Finding Cute Nicknames for Boyfriends

Sweetheart, darling and honey are common enough endearments for boyfriends and girlfriends to give each other. A true nickname, however, is an endearment that you reserve only for your boyfriend. So how do you find the right nickname for your guy?

Most nicknames are organic and happen naturally. For example, your boyfriend loves cars, loves to speed and gets called hot rod all the time. That's an organic nickname. But what if he's always sweet to you, kind and considerate? Would calling him sweetie or angel be remiss? No, but it's probably not something he wants to hear in front of the guys.

Cute Romantic Nicknames

Common loving phrases or images that represent love can serve as inspiration for more romantic pet names.

  • Heart thief
  • Olive juice
  • Cherub
  • Sweetness
  • Angel face
  • McDreamy
  • Moonbeam
  • Baby blue
  • Love robber

Cute Nicknames to Use in Your Phone

If your guy is extra self-conscious about being called a pet name in public, keep it as a private term. You can call him the nickname at home and label his contact info in your phone with it instead of saying it everywhere you go.

  • Studly
  • Cuddly Muffin
  • Dr. Love
  • Snuggle bunny
  • Cutie boo
  • Sir Ilovealot
  • My prince
  • Big papa
  • Boyfriend
  • Mr. Mine

Cute and Funny Nicknames

Pet names are often humorous to both of you and anyone who hears you say them. Make your guy's nickname even cuter by adding in some humor or irony.

  • PB -That makes you the jelly
  • My everything bagel - Because he's got all you need
  • Head Tomatoes - From the phrase "I love you from my head tomatoes"
  • Light Switch - Because he turns you on
  • Boo Boo - Because he's more than just your Boo
  • Hunka - Short version of Hunk of Burning Love
  • Sugar Britches - Manlier version of Sugar Lips
  • Lubber - A play on the word "lover"
  • Byf - Sounds like the preppy name "Biff" or the text version of boyfriend

Other Cute Nicknames

Among some of the cuter nicknames on the lists are:

  • Sweet
  • Baby Doll
  • Hot Stuff
  • Ace
  • Chief
  • Lover boy
  • Rock star
  • Tiger
  • Sexy
  • Good looking
  • Big guy
  • Honey bear
  • Babykin

Turning His Name Into a Nickname

These are all sweet nicknames and demonstrate your affection for your boyfriend, but don't force a cute nickname on someone if it doesn't fit. You don't have to choose one of the standards. Instead, you can create a nickname from his name (provided it's not offensive). For example:

  • If his name is Dallas or he is from Dallas, you might nickname him Big D or Lone Star
  • If his name is Alexander, you could go for Alexanpoo, Alexanlove
  • If his name is Scott you might go for Scotty Bear
  • If his name is Taylor you might try Tater Tot or T-Man.
  • If his name is Dan you might go for Dan the Man or D-liscious
  • If his name is Andrew you could go for Drew-me-in, Me-an-drew, or Drew Love
  • If his name is Gabe you could call him Gabe the Babe or G-Force

The play on his name should be sweet or cute, but not offensive. Calling him Bumble Billy or Goof Bob are not good ideas.

Picking Out Matching Nicknames

If you're looking for cute nicknames for boyfriends and you want to coordinate it together, talk to each other about what you want to call each other. Do you have a favorite cartoon? Television program? Book series or event? Look to those shared interests to inform your nickname choice.

Positive matching nicknames can include:

  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Hercules and Xena
  • Booth and Bones
  • Prince and Princess
  • Birdie and Sparrow
  • Cinderella and Charming
  • Milk and Cookie
  • Westley and Buttercup
  • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

Beyond pairing your nicknames, you can use cultural heritage. For example, Spanish nicknames might include amor (love) and corazon (heart). French nicknames may include cheri (darling), mon amour (my love) or even mon ami (my friend).

Prince and princess

Avoid Negative Nicknames

When coming up with a nickname, avoid the negative ones. Nicknames typically occur in the spur of the moment. You don't spend a lot of time on thinking about them or planning them out, but if you associate the nickname with a negative idea or he does, it's not a good plan.

For example, you don't want to call him by the same nickname you called your ex-boyfriend. You don't want to call him the same nickname that his ex-girlfriend dubbed him. For example, if his ex called him by his middle name or the nickname for his middle name, you might want to avoid that.

Public Nicknames

No matter what nicknames you dub each other with, avoid using them in public if you think it might embarrass him or yourself. Friends can enjoy teasing or razzing you about the cuter nicknames, so keep the nicknames to yourselves. Keep them intimate and private. You'll both enjoy them more that way.

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