Take a Quiz to Find Out if it's Love or a Crush

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You can only pluck so many petals wondering if he loves you or not. To get a little more accurate response on whether it is love or a crush, try taking a quiz. While quizzes aren't 100% and can be biased, some allow you to share your results to connect with others or discuss your results with a partner.

Find a Crush Love Quiz Test

Online Quiz Sites

Numerous websites exist solely for the purpose of compiling personality quizzes, and you will find many tests devoted to love-related topics. As an added bonus, these sites often offer the option of posting your final results on a blog or social networking profile, so you can share your answers with friends. Think you can do better? Sign up to create your own quizzes. Available online quiz sites include:

What Good Are They?

By their very nature, love quizzes are limited. To make grading easier, they are almost always multiple choice. This can cause problems when quiz results are determined by the letter you most often chose as a response. Savvy readers can see patterns emerge, and it may subconsciously influence their choices.

Even with their limitations, if you're dating someone, they can be a great catalyst to discussing the status of your relationship. Just don't put too much pressure on your significant other to participate. Perhaps it's their origin in women's magazines or a dislike of discussing their feelings that makes many men wary of these quizzes.

If you're longing for someone who doesn't even know you exist, a quiz can help you reign in your feelings. At the other end of the spectrum, the results may give you the motivation you need to go out and get your man.

However, you should try not to give the results of a single quiz too much weight. Long-term patterns of behavior have much more to do with the success of a relationship than the results of a quiz called, "Is It True Love?"


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Take a Quiz to Find Out if it's Love or a Crush