10 Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Traditional I Love You


If you are looking for creative ways to say I love you, sometimes the simple and the straightforward are the best.

Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Showing your partner or loved one how much you care can be as simple as a dozen red roses with a card that says I love you. This traditional method became traditional because the sweet scent of the roses perfumes your message of love.

Say It With Coffee


If your partner isn't too adverse to messes, making him his favorite specialty coffee and writing the message in coffee grounds or chocolate powder definitely sends a message.

This is a sweet way to leave an I love you if you have to go before they are up or out of the shower, but remember, they will have to clean it up after so make sure it's a welcome message first.

Say It With Chalk


Borrow the kiddo's chalk and write him a message where he parks. It's a sweet, simple way to show him you are thinking of him and that you care. You could even use chalk messages to invite him out, ask him to marry you or share a potentially romantic surprise.

Say It With Sand


The I Love You in the sand is a romantic staple in the movies because it works. There's something sweet about the temporary nature of the message against one of nature's most majestic backdrops. Not to mention, if you and your significant other are on the beach together, you can continue to share that romantic moment.

Say It With Candles


Again, the simple, straightforward elegance of this message tugs at the heart. Create a romantic setting and set out the I love you candles to have them flickering for your loved one when he arrives. This is also a great way to do birthday candles if you want to avoid ages.

Say It With Words


Grab a dictionary and highlight specific words and passages that apply to your loved one. Leave each page tabbed so your lover can find them quickly. Even if you are not poetic by nature, it's a sweet message to send.

Say It With Letters


As with the beginning of this creative ways to say I love you tour, the simplest methods are often the best. A love letter can express your feelings in eloquent fashion. Writing your feelings down can free you to say all the things you are feeling without worry about being left tongue tied.

Say It With Dance


Take dancing lessons and surprise your lover with an erotic, sweet or romantic dance. Women especially love men who can take them dancing. If you've never been able to really dance with her, learning to dance says I love you in so many ways.

Say It With Art


If you are not up to writing a love letter, create one out of art. Draw pictures of the two of you, of romantic times together, of words that you would link to your partner and more. Let your imagination soar with the possibilities. It's a gift he or she will keep forever.

Say It With Your Pets


There's nothing wrong with a dog or cat delivering the roses and the note to invite your lover to join you for an evening of romance and nothing says I love you more sweetly than this puppy, waiting with a red rose in his mouth.

There are so many creative ways to say I love you! No matter which option you choose, you're loved one is sure to be moved by your grand romantic gesture!

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10 Creative Ways to Say I Love You