7 Tips About Building Chat Room Relationships

Chat Room Relationships

Being involved in chat room relationships can be exciting, but they can also be very frustrating or even hazardous, in some situations. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stay safe online and improve your chances of starting meaningful chat room relationships. If you're lucky, you might even find a new love as well.

Relationship Advice for Chat Rooms: Find a Room

Starting chat room relationships begin with finding the right chat room. There are many singles chat room websites out there, but often the topic of conversation is sex. That's fine if you're in the mood, but chances are you'll find it too obnoxious, if not downright uncomfortable, in a very short time.

Instead, find a chat room focused on a topic that interests you. Look for websites that also happen to have a chat room associated with them, rather than websites only about chat. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Movie websites
  • TV shows
  • Fan Fiction
  • Photography
  • Sports

For additional suggestions, read advice on online chat rooms What you want is a civilized place where people come to actually have a decent conversation.

Start Chatting

The only way you'll ever have chat room relationships is if you start typing. Take some time to survey the chat room first, see what the conversation is about, and learn the personalities present in the room.

Once you are comfortable with the chat room, then start joining in the conversation.

Keep on Chatting

Joining a chat room isn't all that different than starting the first day at a new job. You don't know anyone in the chat room and they don't know you. So, don't expect instant success when you begin chatting. Just keep at it by visiting the chat room often and joining in the conversation.

If you don't feel like your clicking with the group or if you aren't enjoying the conversations, then seek out a different room. Nearly every chat will have its own feel-chat rooms are as varied as the people who visit them.

Repeat Conversations

With some luck and dedication, you'll eventually find yourself having repeat conversations with the same person or group of people. Congratulations-you've made some online friends and started your own chat room relationships!

Safety in the Chat Room

The best advice for staying safe in a chat room is to use your common sense. Ignore the words that are typed on the screen as they can deceive you, but trust your instincts and feelings. For example, someone might one day ask you to send money to their friend who needs help. They may write a really good story about how the money will help their friend, and you might even find yourself feeling empathy.

Stop! This type of thing smells fishy. If you have that feeling, trust it and ignore the words on the screen asking for help.

The online world can be treacherous, but it's no worse than the real world. Have fun but use common sense to stay safe.

Chat Outside the Chat Room

Once you have made some good friends online, you should look to move expand your conversations beyond the chat room. Start by exchanging e-mail addresses or instant message usernames. You can still talk in the chat room, but you'll quickly appreciate being able to chat privately.

Meet in Real Life

If your chat room relationships continue to progress, you may want to meet in real life. It will feel a little strange at first as your mind will feel a connection to the person, but your body will sense the unfamiliarity. That feeling quickly fades, however, and soon after meeting you'll feel like you have known the person for a long time-because you have!


If you think you might enjoy chat rooms, stick with it until you find a good room. Don't let your first experience turn you off from what can be a fun adventure.

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7 Tips About Building Chat Room Relationships