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13 Signs a Girl Likes You

13 Signs a Girl Likes You

You may have a difficult time figuring out if a girl is interested in you as more than a friend. There are a few signs to look out for that can give you some clarity. Keep reading »

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Teen Love

Experiencing love during your teens can feel exciting, invigorating, and sometimes a bit nerve-wracking. During your adolescents, it's a great time to explore different relationships and figure out what you like in a partner.

Learning How to Up Your Flirting Skills

Flirting is a great way to show someone that you are interested in dating them. Although flirting may seem challenging to do at first, with some practice, it can be an easy way to gauge if someone likes you. To start off, you can try holding eye contact a bit longer than you would with just a friend, smile a lot, and try to genuinely take interest in what they are saying. If you feel like they are reciprocating your interest, you can go for it and ask them out.

Tackling the First Date

First dates tend to intimidate most people. You are both trying hard to make a good first impression, be interesting, and see if there's a real connection or spark between you. Keep in mind that feeling a little nervous is actually a good sign. It means that you care about the outcome and are emotionally invested in the experience. During the date try to enjoy yourself and be your true self. If you both don't click with each other, that's totally okay, even if you thought you would. With the right person, going on dates will feel easy, be exciting, and you won't have to pretend to be anything you're not.

Online Dating

Online dating makes it super easy to meet tons of different people your age who don't attend your school. Online dating can be a great option for anyone who is home-schooled, attends an alternative school, or is not interested in the people at their current school. There are some awesome dating sites available that are geared towards teens. With online dating in general, it's always best to be as safe as possible by not giving out sensitive information or sending images to people who you don't know well. Once images are sent, you never know who will see them or where they will show up down the line.

Understanding Your Needs

Dating can highlight the best and worst in people. Understanding what you like and dislike in a boyfriend or girlfriend can make dating around feel a bit easier. Dating healthy partners can lead to happy relationships filled with respect, kindness, and love.

Teen Love and Dating Advice