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Article Highlight: How to Tell Your Partner You're a Virgin

If you've led your partner to believe something to the contrary, telling them you're a virgin might feel like a stressful moment. On the other hand, if you're simply stating it for their information, it doesn't… Keep reading »

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Sex and Dating

Whether you look forward to your next hot date with great anticipation or believe sex should wait until marriage, the topic of sex and dating is bound to arise. As these subjects go hand in hand, it was a natural category to include on the LoveToKnow's Dating site. Let us provide you with some genuine advice on the matter of sex and dating, with no porn attached - we promise!

Whether it is offline or online, sex and dating is a hot topic. If sex wasn't an issue, then it would hard to call it dating - otherwise it would just be friends. But, sex is not a simple subject and therefore neither is sex and dating. Let this category help you better understand your options and risks associated with sex and dating.

Focusing on the Sex and Dating Issues

With all the attention on sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, the concern with casual sex has changed from a simple moral decision to an international health concern. Layer in the risk of pregnancy and possibility of date rape, the topic loses most of its appeal. Of course, biology still functions and as long as we have hormones, our sexual drive will exist. Let our articles coach you through balancing your morals, health risks, and basic desires as you navigate the tricky road of sex and dating.

Sex and Dating Info