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Article Highlight: 85+ Romantic Nicknames for Couples to Fall For

While you might scoff at couples who bear their custom nicknames with pride, romantic nicknames aren't just for the "ultra-schmoozy" couples out there. Creating nicknames for your boyfriend or girlfriend can… Keep reading »

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Relationship Advice

You've gotten past that dreaded first date. You like each other and starting a relationship is the next step. Get advice on how to create a healthy relationship so you can avoid pitfalls and have a relationship that lasts forever.

New Love Relationship Advice

For some of us new to the dating scene we might need some basic dating advice to get us started. Whether you are young or old, man or women, our outstanding writers at LoveToKnow Dating fill these pages with an assortment of good intentions. No matter if you're looking to solve an issue or find out how to improve your relationship satisfaction. Maybe you want to hear from an expert? Check out the interview with Tina Tessina, a licensed psychotherapist who provided us with an exclusive interview with relationship advice from her book The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again. Her book and interview offer suggestions for those of us new to the current dating scene - even the pros could learn a thing or two!

Moving on Past Dating - The Relationship

Find the perfect partner is really only the beginning. Healthy relationships take serious time and effort. Whether you are going to be separated for a period of time or need counseling there is a world of relationship advice and suggestions here at LoveToKnow Dating. Remember that even after a relationship has become serious and settled, there will be constant changes and struggles. Keep a positive attitude and work together to ensure a successful partnership; that is what these pages in Relationship Advice category are all about.

Relationship Advice