Finding Dating Websites

Article Highlight: 6 Top Transgender Personals Sites

One problem with traditional dating sites, like eHarmony and Match, is that they don't contain appropriate categories for trans personals. And if they do, often the labels are still not wholly inclusive. Instead… Keep reading »

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Find A Date

If you have made the decision to advertise online for a date but are still unsure where to start or what dating website to sign up with - you have come to the right place.

Internet Based Dating Websites

With millions of people looking for dates, friends, relationships and even business partners online - you are one of the many! That certainly has its advantages, with such a large sea of potential dates, you are sure to find a great match. The difficult part is determining how to narrow down the search. That is where LoveToKnow Dating come in.

Selecting the Perfect Hunting Ground

The first step in your date prospecting process is to select the places you want to look. In Dating Websites, our writers have created a variety of articles to help you find your best fit. Once you have figured out the type of relationship you are looking for, whether it is sexual or general dating, then you should determine some of the following:

  • Budget Constraints
  • Time Commitment
  • Location Requirements
  • Age
  • Sexual Orientation

There is even more to this list, depending on your individual situation. So, spend a little time imagining what you are looking for, before starting your hunt. Once you have predetermined the type of relationship and partner you desire, then you are ready to review the articles in this category to find the best dating websites to spend your time and possibly your money.

Finding Dating Websites