9 Warning Signs You're Heading for a Breakup

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Breaking up warning signs are important to know if you suspect your relationship is on the rocks. If you think a breakup is on the horizon, you can protect yourself by watching for warning signs. You'll be better prepared for the worst and possibly able to save your relationship.

Clues That Something Isn't Right

Most people don't just wake up one day and decide to end a relationship. Usually there are verbal and nonverbal clues that signal red flags. While it hurts to realize your partner has lost interest, don't let yourself get blindsided by these warning signs.

Verbal Clues

A relationship that is dwindling will usually have a lack of communication or communication problems in general. There are a few telltale signs that something just isn't right.

  • Your partner tells you, "I'm too busy," even when you know it isn't true. Spending more time with friends or doing trivial things to avoid you are also indicators.
  • Less frequent phone calls and text messages. Excuses are made to get off the phone quickly and messages aren't returned promptly.
  • Your partner tells you that he or she "needs space," or "wants to take a break," yet you continue to be stringed along.
  • You are no longer introduced to other people as the "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." You no longer have this special and important distinction at social functions.
  • Your partner never talks about the future or discusses things you plan to do together.

Nonverbal Clues

Nonverbal clues are just as important when you are looking for breaking up warning signs. The way a person treats you gives you a big clue. Even though it hurts, these nonverbal clues have a lot of truth to them.

  • Lack of eye contact, crossed arms, turning away from your direction, and a general sense of distance. Your partner's body language and subtle behaviors are a strong indicator of what is on his or her mind.
  • Your partner pulls away from physical contact or gives you a quick pat or the back without really embracing you. Just like when a person who is interested in you will reach out and touch you, a partner who is considering ending the relationship will pull away.
  • Bad behavior such as acting disrespectful, cheating on you, checking out other girls or guys, or flirting with other people right in front of you. If this has been the norm in the relationship, an official break up is a good way to let go of a bad relationship.
  • Being late, making plans at the last minute or flaking out on you numerous times. Some people are too scared to end a relationship and instead they will use their behavior to show you their true feelings.

Listen to Your Gut

What is your gut feeling in regards to the relationship? Your intuition can tell you everything you need to know. If something isn't right you're going to have a knot in the pit of your stomach or a general feeling of uneasiness. These feelings come up for a reason. If you suspect something is wrong, don't ignore the warning signs before it's too late. Breaking up warning signs are important to clue in on, especially if you think the relationship is worth saving.

Other Resources for Breaking Up Warning Signs

Decide if the relationship is worth saving by testing your compatibility or check out the popular dating advice book, He's Not That Into You.

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