Things That Really Happen on Boys' Night Out

boys' night out

A boys' night out is only limited by their imagination. This could be a boy only wild free-for-all complete with lots of singles, or it could be a tame night playing cards and drinking beer. Every boy is different. Whatever the case, a boys' night out is typically a time for them to connect and unwind with their friends. If your man is having a night out, try one of your own.

What They Really Do

Women often wonder what men do when they have a boys' night out. The answer is… it depends on the boys. The bachelor party is the ultimate boys' night out. When these parties get wild, they get really wild. If you're the bride, you may never hear the details. The most hard-core bachelor parties feature plenty of alcohol, multiple strippers, lap dances, and yes, even sex with prostitutes.

Luckily for most women, not all men like that kind of thing. Some men's bachelor parties are downright tame. The guys get together, have a few drinks (or not, if they're not into alcohol), and talk about old times. Some men choose to go camping or have dinner at a great restaurant. And a lot of bachelor parties involve going to a strip club, watching the ladies dance, and then paying the tab and heading home.

The same goes for boys' nights out at other times. Just because the guys are getting together doesn't mean they're doing anything they shouldn't.

Why They Do It

It's obvious why men don't bring their lady friends to strip clubs. It wouldn't be the same with a girlfriend or wife comparing herself to the girls up on the stage. But why do they go in the first place? And what about other types of boys' nights out?

Strip Clubs

There are several reasons why a man might get his friends together and head for a strip club.

  • He's not happy at home. Some men who feel sexually frustrated like to look at beautiful women, even if they have to pay for the privilege. For a fee, strippers will even flirt and pretend to like them.
  • He just likes pretty girls. Many couples think there's no harm in looking. The girls can check out hot guys, and the guys can appreciate gorgeous women, as long as they don't actually cheat. Some men think a boys' night out at a strip club is a harmless pastime.
  • He wants to see his friends. Believe it or not, some guys think of strip clubs as places to hang out with their buddies. The girls are just an extra attraction.

Other Nights Out

When there are no naked women involved, it can be harder for girlfriends and wives to fathom why men need to get together on their own. They wonder why they're not invited to play cards, go drinking, or hang out on the fishing boat with the guys. Again, there are several possibilities.

  • He wants to talk about you. Women think men don't have heart-to-heart talks with each other, but that's not true. Sometimes, a man needs to get together with his guy friends to talk something out and hear what they think.
  • He doesn't want to talk at all. Women tend to have different ideas about communication than men do. Getting together with the guys might mean that he doesn't have to discuss relationship issues, what's going on at work, or how to decorate the living room.
  • He just likes his friends. There's no need for two people in a relationship to spend every moment together. He might simply want some time with his own friends.
  • He wants to get away. Unfortunately, sometimes the boys' night out takes precedence over life at home. If a man is spending more nights out with the boys than he is home with his family, it's time to look for underlying problems.

Time for the Girls on Boys' Night Out

When your man heads out for a night with the guys, there's no need to sit home alone and wonder what they're doing. Call up your friends and have some fun of your own.

  • Do something he wouldn't enjoy. If you love action movies, but your man only goes to comedies, now's your chance. Get theater tickets, go to a game, and eat at a restaurant you've wanted to try. You won't have to feel bad about excluding him, because he wouldn't have wanted to go anyway.
  • Do something he would enjoy. As long as you keep it good-natured, it's ok to make him feel a little jealous about all the fun you had while he wasn't there.
  • Enjoy a night in. Rent a movie, make some popcorn, and share some gossip with the girls.
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