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Boyfriend Gift Guide

This boyfriend gift guide takes into account your boyfriend's tastes, interests and your financial investment. While it would be nice to have an unlimited budget, it's not always feasible.

Boyfriend Gift Guide: Questions to Consider

When you are looking for the perfect boyfriend gift, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does he like to do?
  • What are his hobbies?
  • Is he a suit and tie guy?
  • Does he like sports?
  • What is his idea of a relaxing day?

The answers to these questions can make picking out the perfect gift for your guy a lot easier.

Dress Him Up

For the corporate boyfriend, a nice silk shirt or fun tie is a great gift that he can appreciate. Keep an eye out at your department stores for sales on men's clothing, particularly dress shirts and ties because you can find some great deals that keep him looking and feeling good.

eBook Readers

An eBook reader isn't as flashy as some electronics, but for the boyfriend who travels it is an ideal way to pack as many book as he wants without having to pay extra for luggage. eBook readers come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to shop for the deal that's right for him.

Fog Free Mirror

The fog free mirror is one of those gifts that women forget about, but men really appreciate. Shaving in the shower can be a real time saver for men on the go, but they need a fog free mirror to get the job done right. It's an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero, along with Rock Band, is all the rage with console gamers. If your boyfriend enjoys video games, then consider investing in a Guitar Hero extension for his current console system. It's a game you can play and laugh about together.

Game Tickets

Want to go for the splurge? Consider tickets to his favorite sporting event. While you may not be as into sports as he is, it can be a lot of fun to go with him or send him to a game with his best friend. It's a gift that he'll definitely enjoy.


The cost of iPhones, Blackberrys and other smartphones are dropping every day. You might get matching phones for you and your boyfriend, that allows you to text, send pictures and stay in touch even while you're busy.

Sports Equipment

For the guy who loves sports, sports equipment can be a great gift - particularly if he plays on a regular basis. Check into the condition of his equipment, if he's particular, take him to the sporting goods store and treat him to a shopping spree.

For the adventurous spirit, you might consider investing in an adventure vacation gift for one or both of you such as parasailing, hang gliding, bungee jumping and more. Remember, these types of gifts can be expensive and definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Boyfriend Gift Guide Gallery