8 Adorable Anime Romance Images

Anime Romance Images


Anime romance images are popular reminders of this niche genre that has grown through numerous Japanese and American productions as well as the growing popularity of Manga. At the 2008 Anime Expo, this couple demonstrates their affection for the romantic characters within the genre by dressing up as them.

Anime Girl


This beautiful anime girl captures the romantic imagination. She embodies the exotic innocence of the popular heroine in anime. Like Lynn Min-Mei in Robotech , the geisha offers sensuality and romance in a simple package.

The Odd Couple


One of the great elements of anime romances is the use of disparate body and racial images. A couple may have an older woman and younger man (Lisa and Rick, Robotech), different ethnicities (Rick and Min-Mei, Robotech) or different backgrounds (Derek amd Nova, Starblazer). It's also not unusual for the women to be nearly child like tiny while their men are tall. The art form embraces all body types and images.

Fantasy Anime


Anime allows fantasy couples to exist from elves to fairies to dragons and more. While romance is not always required, it can add to the enjoyment of international audiences. Projects such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Record of Lodoss War do not rely simply only on romance, but they do demostrate the power of the fantastic over the human heart.

Ice Cream


Anime takes advantage of the human interactions such as sharing an ice cream cone, flirting and coy behavior to demonstrate a couple's romantic interest in each other.

Innocent Kisses


Innocent kisses and first kisses are popular images in anime. Whether the kiss is between two youngsters verging on adulthood or between grown adults, the first kiss is as powerful in anime as it is in any other genre.

Passionate Embrace


Whether in color or in black and white, the art associated with Japanese animation images reflect the power of passion, love and emotion on the couples whether it's just an art piece or a segment in a film or television show.

Romance Images


Anima romance images are not designed for an audience of children only. International audiences who enjoy the anime art form and programming range in age from children as young as three or four to senior citizens. Art and passion are not just for the young.

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8 Adorable Anime Romance Images