5 Ways to Get the Love of Your Life to Notice You

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You have your eye on the prize, but somehow, the plethora of advice on how to get that hottie to notice you just seems all a bit. . .meh. Beyond the usual flirting tips and tricks, surely there's a more interesting way to bag your man of the moment? Whether it's that guy you keep spying at the water cooler, that love muffin at the gym or that swoon-worthy dog-walker, now is the time to try mixing it up and do something unique to get the love of your life to notice you.

1. The Coquette's Challenge

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Being funny and confident is a golden combination when it comes to getting that dreamboat to notice you, so swallow some dutch courage and make a crazy bet he can't beat you at doing something fun and utterly ridiculous. How about wagering he can't eat ten pickles in a minute, beat you at arm-wrestling, or that he won't muster up the courage to do some crazy dancing on an empty dance floor? Not only is this a fantastically funny bonding experience, it's the perfect way to work in a "penalty" or "prize" of a clincher kiss if you're feeling brave. Whatever you do, he is not going to forget you after an escapade like this. But be warned: leave any competition rage at the door or see him bolting in the opposite direction!

2. The Business "Love Card" Seduction

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Giving a standard business card to Mr Perfect - not so exciting. Bound to get left in his trouser pocket, put through the wash and destroyed - leaving you long forgotten. But now imagine slipping him a sassy business card you've had specially made up with the words "Love for Hire" emblazoned upon it. He'll be sticking it on his fridge, putting it under his pillow, and doing everything in his power to make sure he doesn't lose it or the memory of you. Extra noticing-you points if you include a limited one-time introductory "gift certificate" to be claimed by him, and only him.

3. The Playlist Teaser

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Making a playlist for your amore is essentially the modern-day equivalent of sending flowers or a love letter. It's not simply the gesture of making this carefully thought-out compilation that gets you noticed - oh no! This fearless teen throw-back strategy is the perfect way to shout loud about who you are and what you're about so think carefully about whether you want it to be fun, quirky, or a little emo. Creating a masterpiece of affection and sonic seduction - what better way to leave you firmly ingrained in his mind?

4. The Palmistry Player

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Lost for words when your hunk is around? How about using the power of palmistry to get him to sit up and pay attention instead? General conversation and chat up lines are a dime a dozen, but pulling something like palmistry out of the bag could be your golden ticket to love town. Learn a few simple palm-reading techniques (hey, you'll never cut it shooting in the dark!), and use your working knowledge to impress the person you heart by weaving in the qualities you know he holds into your predictions. Be sure to leave the crystal ball at the door though - that's just creepy.

5. The Social Media Siren

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No, we're not talking about stalking him on Facebook - that's a whole special kind of off-putting desperation. Getting a guy to notice you on social media requires a bit of sass and wit. Try sending him a funny spoof video about going out on a first date like this one, or asking a question on Quora about how to ask a guy out on a date and sharing it with him. Some say social media is killing romance...we say, run with it!

Feeling brave? Good! You only live once. It's time to seize the day, and hopefully, the love of your life at the same time!

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5 Ways to Get the Love of Your Life to Notice You