How to Write a 100 Reasons Why I Love You Poem

List 100 Reasons You Love Your Partner

The idea of a "100 Reasons Why I Love You" poem is a very old one - no one really knows where it started. However, one of the nice things about it is that it is easy to create and always appropriate.

100 Reasons for a "100 Reasons Why I Love You" Poem

While it may be an exaggeration, the fact is that there are far more than 100 reasons to write a poem like this for your special someone. The easiest proof: almost everyone would agree that you could and should let your lover know you love him or her at least every three days or so - and if you do that for a year, you'll have at least 130 reasons listed. Throw out the thirty least romantic ones (for example "I love the way you line up your peas on your plate" is kind of sweet but also a little odd) and you have a poem.

Poetry: The Hard Way and the Easy Way

One of the reasons people might hesitate to write a poem is because it is perceived as being a difficult art form. It's true that good poetry takes a lot of discipline and practice - but that's for poetry that wins awards and is published in the Atlantic Monthly. The poem that lists the one hundred reasons you are in love is only intended for one person, and that person is not going to judge you on scansion and meter.

You can choose to have your poem rhyme, which is the method that first comes to mind with any poetry. The fact is, rhyming is something people are taught from preschool, and it's not too hard to find single-syllable words that go together both in sound and meaning. "Eye" rhymes with "cry"; "miss" with "kiss"; "heart" with "apart". The author gets even more creative, rhyming "already" with "I love your spaghetti."

However, you don't have to rhyme. An easier (and possibly more authentic) way to write this kind of poem is to simply list, in as clear and concise a way possible, the reasons. Literally a list of reasons that you love your mate. An example of this kind of powerful writing can be found at, with even the title being matter-of-fact: this is a 100 Reasons Why I Love You poem, nothing more or less. The reasons are even numbered - which is a great way to start your own work.

How to Find the 100 Reasons

Regardless of how you choose to deliver the final poem, the hardest part might just be figuring out how to begin. Here's a simple method for coming up with your own poem:

  1. Take out a sheet of paper (or open a Word Document, or even a spreadsheet). Whatever it is, just start by writing the number 1.
  2. Think of your lover. That's all, just think of them - and whatever that first thing that comes to mind is, write it down. Maybe it's his or her eyes, maybe it's the sound of his or her voice when sleepy, maybe it's that flower he or she picked for you when you went for a walk. No matter how small, how insignificant, write it down.
  3. Write down the number 2 - and do it again. The odds are that the first number led to an association, something that happened after the flower, for example, or the way the sheets feel in the morning waking up with your partner.
  4. Keep writing down the numbers and the things - little or big - and you'll be surprised how easy it is to get to 100.

You don't want to try to be romantic - you want to be genuine, and trust that because you are talking about love, it will end up feeling romantic. In the end, don't be surprised if you inspire your lover to come up with 100 reasons to love you right back.

How to Write a 100 Reasons Why I Love You Poem