Lisa Daily Interview: Stop Getting Dumped!

Lisa Daily

Maybe it is time to stop taking all this dating talk so serious and have a little fun! Meet Lisa Daily, one of the leading authorities on dating and relationships. Her honest and sometimes controversial advice is presented in an entertaining and humorous fashion. Enjoy a few minutes of downtime in our LoveToKnow Dating interview with Lisa!

About Lisa Daily

Lisa is a dating coach, popular columnist, and media guest having appeared on over 700 radio and television shows, including The Howard Stern Show and was the date doctor on the set of Hitch: On the Set. She is also the author of the bestselling book, Stop Getting Dumped (Penguin Putman), an entertaining and humorous advice guide for women to help them find a man to treat them like gold. Her book and column has started a rage of dreamgirls - the women who have truly found the men of their dreams.For more information on Lisa Daily or to order her book, visit her website at:

What inspired you to write your book, Stop Getting Dumped?

I was always the one giving dating advice to my girlfriends, co-workers, strangers at the airport. Then, in the space of one year, seven of us got married. I missed the girl talk, and people always told me I gave great advice, so I decided to write a book.

What exactly is a dreamgirl, and why would women want to be one?

When I say dreamgirls, I'm not talking head-in-the-clouds, residing in Fantasyland kind of girls. We're talking knockdown, drag-out, fabulous, smart, funny, sexy, fearless, I've-got-it-all-together-and-I-know-what-to-do-with-it women.

The reference to dreamgirls is aspirational. If you can believe it, you can be it. It's the best version of ourselves, the one we aspire to be. You know, the one that has a fantastic job, spends three days a week helping out at a soup kitchen, whose apartment is always spanking clean, and always has the right shoes, no matter what the occasion. It's in you. And I just know you can pull it off.

What are the common mistakes women make with men?

  • Sleeping with a man too soon (we women tend to get emotionally attached to a guy once we sleep with him, thanks to a hormone called oxytocin, which scientists refer to as "the cuddle chemical." ) It's better to wait a month or more so that you can evaluate the relationship with a clear head, before all those googly emotions cloud your judgment.
  • Asking where the relationship is going. He wants to have a relationship, not analyze it to death. Men hate this question. And they can't tell the future any better than you can.
  • Bringing up the M-word. When a guy wants to marry you, he'll ask. If he's not bringing it up, it's not because it never occurred to him. Give your guy a chance to be romantic on his own. Nothing takes the steam out of romance like a woman dragging her guy to the ring store.
  • Giving up your life so you can be a part of his. You ditch your friends for his; you give up scrapbooking to become a Nascar junkie. Men have enough to worry about with hair loss and car payments to provide an existence for an entire other person. A woman with her own, separate interests is far happier, and far more interesting than a woman who becomes a female clone of her guy. Besides, if you break up, you haven't just lost your relationship, you've lost your entire life. Do your own thing.

What about the mistakes men make with women?

  • The worst mistakes men make are in pushing for sex too soon or too aggressively.
  • Another common problem with guys is that they tend to get lazy once they've got a commitment of some type (whether it's a committed relationship or marriage.) That's not the finish line, guys. You have two choices: You can either be a hero and put in a little effort and romance your girlfriend or wife, or you can spend hours talking about why you've changed. Your choice.
Lisa Daily Interview: Stop Getting Dumped!