Interview with Kate Jones of MyDateReview

Kate Jones was generous enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to visit with us at LoveToKnow Dating and share some concepts around her unique online dating service.

About MyDateReview

Kate Jones is the founder of a website designed to help single people find a great relationship. Called it has all the tools you need to manage the process of dating and finding a perfect partner. Not a standard online dating site, MyDateReview takes over from where they start and helps you to organize and analyze the people and dates you meet. Use their Date Tracker service to keep track of your dates and notes for future reference. Send your dates a review form through the website's system to receive some honest feedback on how your date went. Read a variety of advice on the best ways to present yourself online and unique ways to find the partner you really want. MyDateReview is free to join so you can start using the tools immediately, allowing the site to help you decide if the people you're dating are right for you and ensure you are spending time with the right people. Decide for yourself at

Interview with Kate Jones

Tell us a little about your background and how you got started in the online dating scene.

I was first introduced to the weird and wonderful world of online dating about four years ago when a friend of mine was building an online dating site. I was single at the time, so I was one of the first members of the site. Since then, I've joined a few more of the larger sites.

How difficult is dating in today's world?

Meeting potential partners can be quite hard in every day life after you've exhausted your source of friends, colleagues and other social groups. Plus, most people have less free time these days. So, using the Internet is a great way of making new contacts and establishing relationships. This has obviously made dating a lot easier especially as online dating is now more acceptable than it used to be.

On a personal note, what was your most favorite date?

I like my dates to be a bit more original than sitting in a restaurant or going to see a film. One date in particular that I really liked, was when a guy said he was taking me out to dinner; but, came over to see me and brought all of the ingredients and equipment to cook a gourmet meal. It was wonderful!

What is your opinion on the best way to find your perfect match?

I would suggest that you try and utilize all of the ways to meet people that you have at your disposal, social groups, work colleagues, online dating etc. Don't just concentrate on one method as you never know when you'll find Mr. or Ms. Right. Always be honest and never try to be someone you're not. The truth always comes out eventually. And finally, don't become obsessed with finding your perfect match; it all happens in good time. If you're more relaxed about it, then you stand a better chance of establishing a long term relationship.

Describe your website, MyDateReview - the functions and benefits.

We provide our members with different tools to establish whether or not the people they are dating (or about to start dating) are right for them. The idea is that you spend time with potential partners that you are more likely to have a successful long term relationship with. Also, a lot of online daters have an account with more that one online dating site, so we provide an easy way to manage all of those contacts in one convenient place and record your dating escapades.

How successful is your website and why?

Our member base is increasing month by month, and we getting very positive feedback from everyone using the site features. They've also given us a few ideas for adding new functionality, which we hope to implement soon.

In your opinion, how has the Internet changed dating and relationships?

People are going on a lot more dates now then they used to. The focus has changed from quality to quantity and people are in danger of seeing dating as simply a numbers game. People should focus on getting feedback from their dates, so that they can more easily achieve their relationship goals. Online dating has also introduced a new safety aspect as it's very easy to create a fake identity online.

How important is managing your dates - should we treat it like a business?

No, because finding a perfect partner should be fun first and you should enjoy the process of establishing relationships. However, people do go on a lot of dates these days, so it is important to be organized and manage your dating life.

What does the future hold for adults searching for the perfect relationship?

I think it is getting harder and harder for people to establish and hold onto long term relationships. Research shows that there are now more single people in society than ever before. I think we will see a convergence of dating and social networking in the future as people start to utilize the web to find partners based on interests, recommendations and introductions.

How does an individual know they have found the right relationship?

I know it's a cliché, but you just know when you've met your perfect match. If you hit it off instantly, share the same beliefs and goals, and are attracted to each other, then you're virtually all the way there!

What two tips would you like to pass on to all those dating searchers out there?

  • My first tip would be to carefully evaluate your criteria for finding your perfect partner. Consider whether you are placing too much emphasis on superficial factors. Instead, make sure you're focusing on matching your goals and beliefs with potential partners. Long term relationships are built on love and trust not hair color.
  • Secondly, be confident and portray a positive self image. It will greatly increase your chances of finding long term love, so keep smiling.

Anything else you would like to add?

I think that it's a very exiting time to be single as there are now more opportunities then ever to meet new and interesting people. The Internet has made meeting potential partners easy. You just need to focus on the ones that are right for you.

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Interview with Kate Jones of MyDateReview